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Using Data Sets to Show Relationships among Basic Statistical Parameters

Please Execute My Dear Aunt Sally - Alternative Mnemonics for Order of Operations

Experiences with twitter in college mathematics

Verifying Logical Arguments with Extensible Truth Tables

Making Video Pages

Quick and Easy Instructional Videos

Making Instructional Videos with MS Movie Maker

Motivating Data Structures with Caching Internet Stock Data

A Scaffolding Web Site for Teaching about Contracting and Web Page Design

Students as Sets and Functions

Visual Proofs Motivate Mathematics for Majors in Technical disciplines

Academic Web Design with an XML Design Language

Jewish Internet Resources

XML Data Presentation Web Pages

Using Newspaper Reports to Highlight the Relevance of Mathematics Topics

Using Speech to Enhance Math Education Applets

The Design of Interactive Applets for Mathematics Education

Development of Course Materials to Promote Collaborative Learning Through Interactive Animation for Mathematics

In Class Laboratory Excersizes for Computer Science 2

Using Vectors to Solve Geometry Problems

The Prostaphaeretic Multiplier Talk at NYSMATIC

Webnet Talk: Javascript for Courseware

Precalculus Activities

Interactive Educational HTML

Talk on HTML

Talk on HTML (2)

Web Pages for Precalculus

Collaborative Learning through Interactive Animation for Mathematics

Collaborative Learning through Interactive Animation for Mathematics

Spreadsheets for Applying the Harvard Approach to Precollege Algebra

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