Developing a simple Java GUI application using Eclipse and Jigloo plugin - Part 1

by Steve Ochani

v 1.1 Dec. 7th, 2009.
v 1.0 Nov. 3rd, 2009.

Purpose: To show how to make a simple GUI application in Java using Eclipse and the Jigloo plugin. This tutorial will show you how to make an application that will use a JTextField (a textbox) and JLabel (a label) and a JButton (a button) to get the user's name and say hello to the user.

Intended audience: This tutorial is mainly intended for students taking CMP 218 / ITE 204 (Java Programming) course at SUNY Nassau Community College but is still relevant to anyone wishing to develop a GUI application in Java. You should have at least basic knowledge and understanding of object oriented programming concepts in Java and know how to use Eclipse.

Structure of this document: This tutorial is split up into 15 easy steps each containing text and thumbnails of screenshots. You can click on the thumbnail to see the full size screenshot.


The application will look like this at the completion of this tutorial.


1. Start by creating a regular new Java Project. Then right click your src folder and select "New" and "Other..."


2. Then expand the "GUI Forms", then "Swing" and select "JFrame" and click Next.


3. Then give a package name and click Finish. You don't have to use a package name but it is recommended you do.


After you click Finish you might be warned that you have a Non-Commercial Version of Jigloo, click OK.

4. Now the first thing you should do is slightly change the way Jigloo generates code. Go to the Window menu, then Preferences. Then expand "Jigloo GUI Builder" from the tree on the left. Then select "Code Generation" and in the "Enclose GUI Elements with..." option select "Tagged comments" and click OK.




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