Developing a simple Java GUI application using Eclipse and Jigloo plugin - Part 2

by Steve Ochani

v 1.0 Nov. 16th, 2009.

Purpose: To show how to make a GUI application in Java using Eclipse and the Jigloo plugin. This tutorial will show you how to make an application that will use Java Swing components such as a JPanel, JComboBox, JRadioButton, JCheckBox and JTextArea.

Intended audience: This tutorial is mainly intended for students taking CMP 218 / ITE 204 (Java Programming) course at SUNY Nassau Community College but is still relevant to anyone wishing to develop a GUI application in Java. You should have at least basic knowledge and understanding of object oriented programming concepts in Java, know how to use Eclipse and have looked over Part 1 of the tutorial.

Structure of this document: This tutorial is split up into 11 pages with simple instructions and thumbnails of screenshots. You can click on the thumbnail to see the full size screenshot.


The application that will be made at the end of the tutorial will be an application that will look something like this:


So lets begin.

1. Start by creating a new Java application, add a new JFrame to it (as shown in tutorial 1), name it something appropriate, I named mine GameSearchForm.


2. Now you will resize the form. You MUST hold down the shift key then drag the dimension of the form. If you don't hold down the shift key the editor won't change the dimensions in the code. Make the width about twice the current size.


3. Now resize the length, again, make sure you are holding the shift button while dragging the little red resizing point. Make the length a little bigger than twice the current length. Your dimensions should end up somewhere close to 645 by 480.


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