Spring 2006Revised
Course: CMP 217 C Programming Language
Section Days Time Room
Independent Instruction

Textbooks: The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie
Dr. Richard Glass
Office Hours:
Thr 115 pm - 345 pm
Phone: (516)572-7929
Email: glassr@ncc.edu
Internet: www.matcmp.ncc.edu/~glassr
Assignments: /~glassr/assign/cmp217.htm
Grade Policy:
EXAMS:The will be a midterm worth 100 points and final worth 200 points. (60% of grade)

There are no make up exams. Make up exams may be granted in the case of extreme and documented situations. Make up exams may differ in style and content from the exam given in class and may occur at a later time in the semester. It is my discretion that in certain circumstances, doubling of another exam may replace the missing exam.

PROGRAMS: There will be 100 points worth of homework programs. Programs are due one week after they are assigned unless otherwise stated. (20% of grade)
PROJECTS:Projects are programs that are larger in length. There will be 100 points of projects. Projects will be due roughly 2 weeks after they are assigned. (20% of grade)
No program or project will be accepted once the rest of the class assignments have been graded and returned. A comment and date will be placed on the assignment page stating that a particular assignment has been graded. Assignments submitted after the due date but prior to the assignment being graded may be subject to a late penalty.
Assignments, assignment number and due dates will be listed on the web page: http://www.matcmp.ncc.edu/~glassr/assign/cmp217.htm
Prerequisite Policy:Students not meeting the prerequisites
At least a C in CMP 211, CMP 218 or 219, or permission of the department
will be dropped.
Withdraw Policy:A W can be obtained up the day of the final. Once any part of the final exam has been taken or the final project has been submitted, no grade of W will be assigned. After the date of automatic W, it is the students responsibility to obtain, complete and a submit a Withdrawal form available from the registrar.
Attendance Policy: More than 3 absences may result in being dropped from the course. Students arriving late to class may not be allowed to enter and / or be marked absent. See the college catalog for further details.
Plagiarism PolicyAnyone plagiarizing, requesting or supplying assignments for the purpose of plagiarism or cheating will receive a zero for that assignment or exam and will be subject rules and regulations outlined in the college catalog. If you work with others in completing assignments, all names must appear in all copies submitted for grade.
Concerning Students with Disabilities If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work,I would urge that you contact the staff in The Center for students with Disabilities, "U" Building (behind the old college union), 572-7241, TTY 572-7617. CSD will review your concerns and determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation are confidential.
Programming Assignments:Assignments for this course will primarily consist of programs. Assignments are posted at http://www.matcmp.ncc.edu/~glassr/assign/cmp217.htm. Programs must have
  • code comments,
  • a comment block that states your name,
  • course and section (or days meeting),
  • assignment number (as defined on the assignment page),
  • text book page and problem number if applicable
  • and a brief description of the assignment.
Assignments failing to meet the these criteria may be subject to a lower grade and / or not accepted.
Electronic Submission of homework:Some programming assignments must be submitted electronically via Internet email (once accounts have been assigned). Assignments for the Tue/Thu evening course are submitted to dc217b2@gradient.ncc.edu. Assignments submitted to any other address will not be considered for grade.

Programs must have course ec217ga (for the evening) followed by prj #assignment number (listed as prj #) as the subject of the message. Only source code will be accepted. Do not submit EXE files or screen capture files. You will receive an automated response that your assignment was received. Keep this receipt as proof that the assignment was submitted on time. Since this is an automated response, the subject of the email message must be:

ec217ga #,
where # is the assignment number from the assignment page. Failure to follow this format will result in you submission being rejected. Rejected assignments are treated as non-submission once the assignment has been graded. The assignment page will determine what programs are to be emailed and which are to be installed on the server.
Computer Accounts As part of this course, you will be assigned an computer network account that will offer you access to the Internet and Electronic Mail (E-Mail). It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the rules and regulations governing the use of the account. Failure to do this may result in the loss of the account and loss of grades on projects requiring the use of the account. It is strongly recommended that the student read the following documents: If you have any questions on the use of this account, please speak to me.

Policy effective from the first day of class of and only for the semester stated at the top of the page. Students are responsible for reading this page
and the associated links on the Internet.

Office Hours and Class Schedule
Dr. R. Glass
Nassau Community College